I’m Dr. Claudia T. Felty. I’m a dessert loving dietitian, educator, and dog mom who dreams big.

Really into: dessert, mala bracelets, adorable elephants, and 90s rap music. I’ve been delivering real talk since 1982. Still interested, there’s more below.

I didn’t always have a PhD in nutrition and I wasn’t always a dietitian. I sure didn’t eat intuitively or mindfully growing up. In fact, for a huge part of my life, food felt like the one thing that got in-between me and the person I wanted to be. From a very young age I struggled to maintain a “normal” weight, and I learned early on that food was not my friend. 

At the age of 27, I signed up for a nutrition class. Little did I know, that course would be my one way ticket out of the diet obsession that had taken over my life. That single course led me to becoming a dietitian and getting my PhD. You can now find me eating dessert (or salad) without fear or judgement and doing activities like spin and yoga because I love them and they make me feel good.

I should've known the girl who spent most of her life fighting with food, falling for the latest diet fad, and dreading exercise would make it her mission to infuse some real talk when it comes to diets, wellness trends, and getting back to our healthiest selves. Which is so much more than a number on a scale.

Right now I’m probably sipping a matcha tea or drinking water out of my giant silver cup brainstorming all the ways I can rescue people from the same disastrous ride I was on for all those years. 

You wanna know what sparks my joy? Helping people celebrate, feel, and own their health like they never have before. There’s a lot of nutrition info out there and it can feel crushing… like you’re never doing it right (I’ve been there, I get it!). And if I can be that person that teaches you how to make an amazing salad for lunch, eat dessert without feeling crushing guilt, and have you feeling like “I’ve got this, I know what my body needs”, then I’ve done my job.

More about me...

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