Young Athlete Hydration

Today I was lucky enough to spend some time at Fox10 Phoenix discussing how to keep young athletes properly hydrated in the summer heat. If you have never been to Arizona in the summer, it's HOT, like fry an egg on the driveway HOT! When it is sizzling outside we need to take special care with kids playing sports in the heat. Dehydration can cause heat illness which can be life threatening. 

Younger kids and teens dehydrate easier than adults. They are less efficient at body temperature regulation and produce less sweat than adults. Studies have even shown that young athletes can easily become dehydrated even when fluids are readily available. This is due to a blunting of their thirst sensation, and as adults, we always need to remind kids to drink fluids during sporting activities. 

Check out my appearance to see how to best keep your kids hydrated!

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