Why I Love Collagen Peptides

If you've been following me on social for anytime over the last year, you might have noticed that one product in particular seems to always pop up in my stories... 

Vital Proteins Collagen

matcha collagen

Recently a lot of you have been asking me why I’m such a fan, so I’m going to break down why I love using collagen peptides so much and I’m even going to share my latest form of selfcare. Hint...it's a mocktail!

Ok, first things first, I think it’s really important to start with the basics.


What is collagen?

Collagen is the protein that helps give structure to our ligaments, tendons, hair, skin, and nails. Collagen is actually the most abundant protein in the body. It’s also responsible for keeping our skin looking young, and strengthening our hair, nails, and joints. 

As we get older our bodies produce less and less collagen. This breakdown in collagen production leads to signs of aging like wrinkles, dull skin, brittle hair and nails, and achy joints. 

The cool thing is, research has shown that taking a collagen supplement has beneficial effects on the skin and joints


What's the difference between collagen and collagen peptides?

Collagen peptides are the result of breaking down larger collagen molecules know as gelatin. Breaking down the larger gelatin molecule into a smaller one allows for easier digestion and absorption in the gut. It also allows us to mix the peptides with liquid without forming the gel substance you get with gelatin.


Why do I use collagen peptides?

I started using collagen because the research on the product was so promising. 

Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to have younger looking skin, strong hair and nails and relief from joint pain? 

While the research is promising, I’ve seen a lot of benefits personally from using collagen. My hair and nails grow A LOT faster, and my nails have easily doubled in thickness. When I started using collagen my nails were pretty brittle and were breaking easily. After a couple of months of using collagen they were really strong and no longer brittle. I’ve also seen a difference in fine lines on my face and my skin holds moisture much better than it used to. 

The hubby even snuck into my collagen stash and his hair is growing in thicker and faster. I’m  super happy it’s been working for him but now I have to keep constant tabs on how much I have left. I mean I guess part of marriage is also sharing your collagen with the one you love the most. 


Why do I love Vital Proteins?

So I’ve been loyal to Vital over the past year. They’ve been very creative in their product line and made some pretty spectacular combos like collagen+matcha (you all know how much I love matcha), collagen+coffee creamer, and their beauty collagen line that combines collagen+probiotics+hylauronic acid. I’ve never been disappointed with any of their products and will continue to make Vital Proteins my go-to collagen supplement.


How to get started?

If you’re new to collagen a beauty collagen mocktail is a super fun and flavorful way to get in your daily dose of collagen. Bonus, this recipe brings in the addition of Vitamin C which is super important to make sure your body gets to use all the added collagen love you’re providing it. Plus I really love a nice fizzy mocktail while I’m relaxing at night, cue selfcare!

Till next time,

Dr. Claudia

Beauty Collagen Mocktail Recipe

collagen mocktail recipe


1 scoop Strawberry Lemon Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen

4 strawberries

2 slices lemon

1 can lemon LaCroix soda water (or any lemon soda water)

1/3 cup water

ice as needed


Heat 1/3 cup water to just below boiling and add beauty collagen. Stir until combined well. Let cool and slice lemon and strawberries. Combine soda water with collagen mixture (be careful as it fizzes up). Add ice, strawberries, and lemon to a glass and pour collagen mixture over top. Makes 2 small glasses. 


collagen lacroix